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The Community Centre

Opened in Salisbury in 2005, the current site of the Tzu Chi Brisbane Office was originally an old com-mercial building. After combining the spaces within the building and our volunteers completing some simple renovations, this small building saw Tzu Chi Brisbane engage the community through annual Lunar New Year Celebration events, Buddha Birthday Festivals, youth development camps and even a versatile temporary clinic for free dental fairs. These events both great and small have seen the presence of countless kind-hearted and compassionate individuals. Time stops for no one and with every minute and second, the commitment and perseverance of all the volunteers continues to propel us along this journey of great love, striving to extend and spread love, creating a better and everlasting humanistic
hub in Brisbane.

“Taiwan does not possess any treasure but goodness and love.”

Tzu Chi volunteers have spread the spirit of Tzu Chi overseas, bringing with them devotion and humanistic culture embodied within the idea of Jing Si, allowing Australia and the global community to witness this unbroken thread of Taiwanese culture. In Australia, Tzu Chi has been providing assistance to international travellers and families in need in supporting their physical, mental and spiritual health, sowing the seeds of Taiwanese kindness and love.

The former office building was demolished in mid-2020 and the new building was completed and opened on the 19th of November 2022. Green renewable design concepts were incorporated in the new building to minimise water and energy consumption. Also, the building will be versatile and multi-purpose in nature, maximised with a high floor usage ratio to accommodate a wide range of different volunteering activities. Master Cheng Yen once commented, “Realise the impermanence of life when times are good, accept our karma when times are bad.” In this blessed land called Australia, the new building will serve primarily as a home for volunteering activities, but also a safe harbour providing support for those suffering during times of adversity.