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Our Missions

Climate change and the changing elements has affected every corner of Earth. Tzu Chi’s missions were created with the aim of alleviating suffering for all living beings, both physically and spiritually.

“May all souls be purified, may all of society be harmonious, may all the world be free of disaster”

This is the eternal Bodhisattva path, requiring the cohesion of all humanity, persevered over time and relayed from generation to generation to traverse. The Dharma must continue to serve as the pillar along this path to purify our human world, threading and passing through generations. The Dharma lineage shall continue in an unbroken line, purifying the hearts of many, creating blessings for humanity and protecting all living beings.

Brisbane Tzu Chi endeavours in our missions of Charity, Medicine, Education, Humanistic Culture, Disaster Relief, Environmental Protection and Community Volunteering since 1988. We hope the actions will form ripples that are resonated among the local residents to help contribute to this land.

We are a Buddhist charity,
Helping the local community in Brisbane since 1990.

Outreach & Food Distribution

Tzu Chi Brisbane began food distribution in Inala in September 2004 and relocated to the newly setup office in Salisbury at the end of 2006. The food parcel recipients are referred from various charitable organizations, hospitals, Inclusive Health Clinic, refugee centres, government agencies, congregations and care-givers.

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Jing Si Books & Café

In response to the chaos in today’s society and upholding the Tzu Chi spirit of “being the living water to purify people’s hearts”, Jing Si (“Still Thoughts”) Bookstore provides the local community with a space where they can have peace and quiet for the mind and promote the humanistic spirit of goodness and beauty.

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We Need You

Shine the goodness within, we have the power to change the world!

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