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Looking at the world today, how many people are suffering right now? Amongst the whirlwinds of life, Tzu Chi volunteers have come to realise the acute suffering of mankind and understood that this world is filled with misery and that life is never constant.

“The heavens are everlasting and filled with eternal love; the land is vast and we must strive to cultivate unbounded love”.

We must be grateful and give back and dedicate that everlasting love in our hearts. Through the journeys and footprints of many, Tzu Chi hopes to guide and nurture everlasting and unfettered great love. Alone, we may never unlock the potential of love and it is only through joint forces that love may abound for eternity. Join us today in our volunteering activities.


Outreach & Food Distribution

Tzu Chi Brisbane began food distribution in Inala in September 2004 and relocated to the newly setup office in Salisbury at the end of 2006. The food parcel recipients are referred from various charitable orga¬nizations, hospitals, Inclusive Health Clinic, refugee centres, government agencies, congregations and care-givers.

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Disaster Relief

Droughts, floods and bushfires have threatened Australia with increasing severity in recent years. In the times of climate change and global disasters, we should all strive to curb our desires, re¬spect Mother Nature and protect all be¬ings on Earth.

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We Need You

Shine the goodness within, we have the power to change the world!

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