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Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) Australia’s beginnings were rooted in a group of passionate and energetic young volunteers. Being dentists by trade, they began wondering if there was room for their contribution in a land which appears to have such generous welfare. However, Australia does not have a comprehensive medical insurance scheme such as the system found in Taiwan, and Medicare does not cover dental treatment.

Public dental services lack resources and only cater to those eligible for public welfare benefits. Even then, most services are aimed resolving toothaches and pain management, as opposed to comprehensive dental care. After consultation with various stakeholders, several groups needing medical care were identified: asylum seekers who have recently arrived in Australia and who do not possess official refugee status, residents of towns in remote areas that lack essential medical services and people experiencing homelessness.



Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) Australia began with a group of passionate and energetic young volunteers. Dentists by trade, they wondered if there were room for them to contribute in a country with a well-established welfare system.

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Inclusive Health Clinic

Over the years, TIMA Brisbane has developed a deep and positive relationship with other healthcare providers in Brisbane. With long-standing partnerships with The University of Queensland and Griffith University, many of their dental students end up joining the Tzu Chi medical team.

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