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Humanistic Culture

Master Cheng Yen often talks about “applying the Buddha-Dharma in our daily lives and serving as Living Bodhisattvas in this world.” With loving-kindness, compassion, joy and selfless giving, Tzu Chi started with charity work and expanded into healthcare, education and humanistic culture. Using an analogy of a tree to describe the development of Tzu Chi missions, the Charity Mission is the root, the Medical Mission is the trunk, the Education Mission is the branches and the Humanistic Culture Mission is the leaves. The annual New Year’s Blessing brings Master’s blessings to all Tzu Chi members and the Year In Review videos reflect the footsteps of Tzu Chi volunteers all over the world. The Buddha Day Ceremony in May transcends religions and races, with people from all over the world celebrating Buddha Day, Mother’s Day and Tzu Chi Day, to express gratitude towards the Buddha, parents and all sentient beings.

To understand Buddhist teachings and the Tzu Chi spirit, the training of Tzu Chi volunteers involves volunteering activities, educational sessions and regional conferences. With Buddhism teachings as the core spirit, a Tzu Chi Commissioner is a volunteer who has completed all training requirements and has pledged to walk on the Tzu Chi path.

Humanistic Culture

Jing Si Books & Café

In response to the chaos in today’s society and upholding the Tzu Chi spirit of “being the living water to purify people’s hearts”, Jing Si (“Still Thoughts”) Bookstore provides the local community with a space where they can have peace and quiet for the mind and promote the humanistic spirit of goodness and beauty.

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