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With the suffering all around us, all Bodhisattvas are welcomed

We want you to join us!

The sutra manifests itself in parts of everyone’s daily lives, and there is no part of our world where we cannot practice the sutra. Tzu Chi’s “Buddhism in Action” is Master Cheng Yen’s deepest hope, leading all volunteers based on Buddhist scripture, leading them on the path to be everyday bodhisattvas, practicing the sutra in their daily lives.

In this modern age where suffering and disaster is on the rise globally, Tzu Chi’s volunteers can take your love, and spread it to all corners of the world.

The funds raised by Tzu Chi will be put to use in diverse volunteer activities, or as resources for various disaster relief projects. Tzu Chi’s volunteers live by the principle of, “Taking the Buddha’s heart as our own heart; taking the Master’s missions as our own missions”, serving to root out suffering and planting joy in this ever-changing human society.

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