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Humanistic Culture in Brisbane


Master Cheng Yen often talks about “applying the Buddha-Dharma in our daily lives and serving as Living Bodhisattvas in this world.”

With loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and selfless giving, Tzu Chi started with charity work and expanded into healthcare, education, and humanistic culture.

Using an analogy of a tree to describe the development of Tzu Chi missions, the Charity Mission is the root, the Medicine (Healthcare) Mission is the trunk, the Education Mission is the branches, and the Humanistic Culture Mission is the leaves.

Annual New Year’s Blessing

Master Cheng Yen often talks about “applying the Buddha-Dharma in our daily lives and serving as Living Bodhisattvas in this world.”

Buddha Day Ceremony

The Buddha Day Ceremony in May transcends religions and races, with people from all over the world celebrating Buddha Day, Mother’s Day, and Tzu Chi Day, to express gratitude towards the Buddha, parents, and all sentient beings.

Humanistic Culture in Brisbane

Volunteer’s Self-Cultivation and Development

To understand Buddhist teachings and the Tzu Chi spirit, the training of Tzu Chi volunteers involves volunteering activities, educational sessions, and regional conferences. With Buddhist teachings as the core spirit, a Tzu Chi Commissioner is a volunteer who has completed all training requirements and has pledged to walk on the Tzu Chi path.

The “Sutra of Innumerable Meaning” Musical Theatre Adaptations

The “Sutra of Innumerable Meanings” musical in 2011 is not just a performance, but also a spiritual gathering for over 1,000 volunteers and members of the community, including those affected by the flood, government officials, and Buddhist masters from various religious sectors.

Neither the City Mayor nor the Councillors who participated in the event were Buddhists, but they expressed gratitude for what Tzu Chi has done for those affected by the flood in 2011.

There was an exhibition in the foyer outlining the history of Tzu Chi and its work in Brisbane and around the world. With lyrics and melodies, the musical adaptation of sutra enabled volunteers to learn about Buddhist teachings and apply them in their daily lives.

Da Ai Television Network

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Tzu Chi’s mission of humanistic culture embodies the following ideas

“To be the source for which flows purity for the human soul, to be the pillar of a harmonious society, to bear witness to the relief of suffering, and to bring the right mindfulness in great turmoil and chaos.”

It also bears witness to the passage of time, to write the story of mankind and to create a cycle of love and virtue.

Da Ai TV network espouses the beauty of the human spirit as its guiding principle, taking on the responsibility of “truthful and righteous reporting”.

Bringing to the forefront the sentiment of mutual consideration and assistance, and through seeing the visible impacts of Tzu Chi’s missions, the invisible human soul is purified, promoting harmony and beauty in society.