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Tzu Chi Brisbane


Tzu Chi Brisbane Community Centre

The former office building was demolished in mid-2020 and the new building was completed and opened on the 19th November 2022. Green renewable design concepts were incorporated in the new building to minimise water and energy consumption. Also, the building will be versatile and multi-purpose in nature, maximised with a high floor usage ratio to accommodate a wide range of different volunteering activities. Master Cheng Yen once commented, “Realise the impermanence of life when times are good, accept our karma when times are bad.” In this blessed land called Australia, the new building will serve primarily as a home for volunteering activities, but also a safe harbour providing support for those suffering during times of adversity.

Be grateful always, for everything and everyone, at every moment.

We are a Buddhist charity,
Helping the local community in Brisbane since 1990.

Outreach & Food Distribution

Tzu Chi Brisbane began food distribution in Inala in September 2004 and relocated to the newly setup office in Salisbury at the end of 2006. The food parcel recipients are referred from various charitable organizations, hospitals, Inclusive Health Clinic, refugee centres, government agencies, congregations and care-givers.

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Jing Si Books & Café

In response to the chaos in today’s society and upholding the Tzu Chi spirit of “being the living water to purify people’s hearts”, Jing Si (“Still Thoughts”) Bookstore provides the local community with a space where they can have peace and quiet for the mind and promote the humanistic spirit of goodness and beauty.

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May all minds be purified, may society be peaceful, and may there be no disasters in this world

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Inclusive Health Clinic Medical and Dental Treatments



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Biography of Dharma Master Cheng Yen

Dharma Master Cheng Yen was born in 1937 in Qingshui, a small town in Taichung County, Taiwan. As her father’s brother was childless, at a young age, she was adopted by him and his wife to raise as their own, a common practice in that era. Her new family later moved to Fengyuan City, Taichung County. When Dharma Master Cheng Yen was seven, the Second World War brought air raids upon Japanese-occupied Taiwan. What she witnessed deeply imprinted upon her young mind the cruelty of war. Throughout her growing years, she had many questions about life and its meaning.

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